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While we can't possibly list every topic, here is a small sample of some of our more popular training classes.  If there is a specific subject that you would like that is not listed, please contact us directly.  

Small Group/Spiritual Growth Classes (4-6 sessions)


The Blessed Life

Five Star Church

MasterLife Discipleship Program

The Mind of Christ

Pathways to Spiritual Understanding
Spiritual Warfare
Stir Up the Gifts

Compliance Issues


Attracting More First Time Visitors and Guests

Becoming a Five Star Church

Branding Your Church and Personal Ministry

Compensating Your Senior Pastor and Staff

Cultivating Effective HR Practices

Creating Job Descriptions for Your Church Staff and Volunteers

Developing Church Policies & Procedures

Developing Policies & Procedures for Children's & Youth Ministry

Developing SOPs for Your Church Staff and Volunteers

Evaluating Your Volunteers, Leaders & Staff

Giving Structure to Your HR Area

Hiring and Firing Practices for a Successful Staff

Church Operations


Five Star Church

Implementing a Recognition Program for Church Staff. Leaders and Volunteers

Implementing Policies and Best Practices for Food Service

Keeping Your Church Out of Court

Launching a Community Development Corporation

Managing the Staff and Volunteers of Your Church

Managing Your Staff for Maximum Efficiency

Managing Your Time Wisely 

Maximizing Your Leadership Potential

Minimizing Risks for Your Ministry and Your Members
Obtaining Grants to Fund Ministry Efforts

Organizing a Church Bookstore

Planning for Retirement as a Senior Pastor

Staff Management

Preparing to Build or Renovate Church Facilities

Prioritizing Church Visitors and Guests

Raising the Standard In Your Hospitality Ministry

Setting S.M.A.R.T. Goals for Your Church and Ministries
Staffing Your Church for Growth
Strengthening Your Church Infrastructure for Maximum Results

Structuring An Orientation & Onboarding Program for Church Staff

Updating Bylaws for the Times in Which We Live

Understanding Employment Laws that Impact Your Church
Using Corporate Principles to Enhance Ministry

Working with Government Authorities to Accomplish Ministry

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